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Letters to the editor, November 1


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters from our readers about the Denton school district’s $312 million bond package. To be considered for publication, letters must have been in our office by 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28. No letters about the bond election will be published after Saturday, Nov. 2.


Vote yes for school bonds

I am writing to encourage others to join me in voting yes for the Denton school district’s bonds. I was born in Denton and have lived here all my life. I attended Denton public schools and have raised two daughters who also attended Denton public schools.

Denton is an outstanding school district. The school board, administration and staff work hard to provide the best education for the children and youth of the district.

The 2013 school bond package addresses growth, improvement of facilities and energy conservation, all of which are issues that must be addressed if the district is going to continue providing exceptional education.

Denton, Ryan and Guyer high schools have reached or are over capacity.

I remember my oldest daughter’s freshman year at Ryan High School, 2003-04. She talked of the crowded hallways and walking shoulder to shoulder as she went from class to class.

When Guyer High School opened the following year, it relieved the overcrowding and made the education experience better for all.

Growth in the district’s student population has made it time for a fourth high school. Renovations to existing schools and improvements for energy conservation are needed and are addressed in the school bond.

For more details about the school bond, go to and under “Announcements” is a link for “2013 Bond Information.”

Let’s come together for the children and youth of Denton ISD and vote yes for the school bonds.

Sue Watson O’Neill,