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Letters to the editor, November 2


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters from our readers about the Denton school district’s $312 million bond package. To be considered for publication, letters must have been in our office by 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28. No letters about the bond election will be published after Saturday, Nov. 2.


Fill the schools we have

Before we go building more schools, we need to fill the ones we already have built. Go to and pull up different homes for sale in Denton and look under schools and you will see the student-to-teacher ratio for the DISD.

They include: Borman Elementary School, 1l-to-1; Calhoun Middle School, 9-to-1; Denton High School, 11-to-1; Guyer High School, 12-to-1; Crownover Middle School, 14-to-1; Olive Stephens Elementary School, 13-to-1; Newton Rayzor Elementary School, 11-to-1; Strickland Middle School, 13-to-1; and Ryan High School, 11-to-1.

I could go on, but, I think you get the picture.

Also, I wish to respond to the writer who wants a high school closer to her home so that her child does not have to spend so much time on the bus.

I live 1.3 miles from Guyer High School, but my children have to go to Denton High School because of the revision done by the DISD several years ago.

When we moved to Robinson Oaks, it was in attendance boundaries of Guyer High School, but within three years of moving there, my little neighborhood was put into the Denton High School zone. The three neighborhoods right around us were able to remain in Guyer.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Thistle Ridge, being developed by Charles Stafford (school board member for 15 years), and farther away from Guyer than Robinson Oaks, was remaining in the Guyer attendance zone.

I have yet to receive an explanation as to why Charles Stafford’s development was left untouched.

Alana Payne,