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Letters to the editor, November 3

Banana ticket

I am not surprised that Ray Roberts loves Cruz [DRC, Oct. 13]. They are cut from the same cloth. Cruz stood at the entrance to the World War II display and said President Obama “denied entrance to our veterans.” He was the reason the vets could not enter and the vets are not his.

Cruz is a Cuban born in Canada. And don’t tell me he is American because his mother is an American. She loved our nation so much that she abandoned us to live in Canada and then married a Cuban. And don’t think he is guaranteed the Latino vote.

Like most Cubans, Cruz likes dictatorships: Cuba traded Fulgencio Batista for Fidel Castro followed by Raul Castro; Cruz wants to destroy the Republican Party and replace it with the tea party, now called “Banana Republicans.”

He thinks he can become dictator and run for president as head of this new party. How laughable is that? They may win seats in the House from gerrymandered districts, but try to win a national election with one-fifth of the population.

Cruz thinks that because he got the vote of the carpetbaggers who had flooded Texas and voted for him over a real American and vet, that he can run for president. Oh, please.

If he should get nominated for president, it will not be on the GOP ticket. The majority of Republicans hate him. He can run on the Banana ticket and split the vote to ensure the election of whatever Democrat is nominated.

Michael S. Dana,