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Letters to the editor, November 4

It can wait

This is in regard to the Denton City Council’s call for resident input about a ban on the use of communication devices while driving.

We’ve all heard the statistics surrounding this activity and most drivers disregard them. Why is that?

Is it because the potential mortal consequences can’t happen to me, to my spouse, to my kids, to my grandparents, neighbors or co-workers? That happens to somebody else. They will have to deal with the loss.

Sad really, but I need to know if the game time has changed, if there are new items on the grocery list, how was your day? Did you hear what she said to him? I’ve got really important information to exchange.

And, yes, I know, someone may have to exchange their life for it, but really, I’ve got to know.

The next time your mobile phone rings, think about your grandchildren, current or future, and let it go until you can pull over or until you get where you’re going. That way, you’ll allow the other people on the road to get where they are going. It just might be to see their grandchildren.

Protect Denton families. No talk/no text while driving. Really, it can wait. Can’t it?

Brant Weatherford

Cross Roads