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Letters to the editor, November 6

Response required

I can no longer read the leftist letters calling members of the tea party movement extremist and the lunatic fringe without responding.

When there is a tea party gathering, there is never any litter left behind. Too bad we can’t say the same when a bunch of leftists get together.

When there is a tea party gathering, there is never the smell of marijuana in the air. When the Occupy Wall Street gang gathers, there is the strong stench of marijuana mixed with body odor looming over the crowd.

No need for rape-free zones when there is a tea party gathering — can’t say the same when the Occupy Wall Street bunch, aka Democrats, get together.

Tea party gatherings never last more than a weekend because most everyone has to work to support themselves, unlike the Occupy Wall Street gang, which can camp out for months at a time because members refuse to work.

Members of the tea party want to keep more of what they earn. Democrats covet what others have and demand that it be confiscated by the government and given to them.

Tea party members value the life of the unborn child. The leftists claim to love children, and yet they rabidly promote abortion.

Leftists like to use phrases like “hold the economy hostage” and “Republicans use terrorists tactics” when describing their opposition. Tea party members do not make light of hostage-taking and terrorism.

The lunatics and the fringe of society reside in the Democratic Party.

Alana Payne,