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Letters to the editor, November 7

Should be two-way street

I enjoyed the editorial “Tours at UNT may impact future” [DRC, 11-3]. It pointed out one of the many ways that the University of North Texas supports the city and Denton ISD. This is exactly as it should be.

UNT is a great university that uses its resources in support of the region in many different ways.

The editorial points out how beneficial and popular tours highlighting sustainability and renewable energy have become for DISD students.

Initially, as reported, these tours were set up for business professionals, donors and municipal leaders, but have become popular for DISD teachers and students as they fulfill certain TEKS requirements. I commend UNT for changing the tours to accommodate the DISD.

Will the city and Denton ISD embrace UNT as the university has embraced the community? I seldom see any indication that UNT is playing a home football game around our beautiful Square, nor do the residents of Denton support the university enough to fill up Apogee Stadium for home games.

A city of more than 100,000 and a local region with several times that should easily fill Apogee (capacity 30,850) for every home game.

I have lived in Denton since 1965, and the city has never embraced the university in this manner. It should be a two-way street, but there has never been an outward show of support for the Mean Green on home game days.

Here’s hoping the local citizenry gets behind C-USA division-leading Mean Green! Come out and show your support at homecoming this Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

Mark Miller