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Letters to the editor, November 9

Servant leader

Larry Beck [DRC, Oct. 17] attempts to paint conservatives and the tea party with the broad brush of blind loyalists void of critical-thinking skills. Labeling them as the “lunatic fringe” with extremist views, he brands their political and economic philosophies as insane.

The tea party embraces the founding principles of the Constitution as intended by our original framers, with limited government, separation of powers and individual freedom.

The left doesn’t. Their actions show a disdain for the Constitution as they routinely circumvent it to inflict a coercive central government against the will of the people. The Declaration of Independence is the guarantor that all men are created equal, with their rights emanating from God.

His concern about alleged “blind loyalty” leading to an oligarchy ignores Obamacare’s special exemptions for Obama’s big business cronies, unions and the government class.

Stimulus bill payments corresponded with the number of Democrats statewide. Green energy programs picked winners and losers in the energy market.

Beck attempts to demean Congressman Burgess’ courageous, principled leadership as “needlessly abandoning a ship that is not sinking.” Our debt of $17 trillion has increased by $7 trillion under Obama.

With a record 46,496,000 people in poverty, and 7 percent unemployment the new normal, 90,000,000 are unemployed. Since 2009 mean annual income has fallen $2,380. Does this depict a sane economic policy?

Congressman Burgess embodies the fact that the divine nature of leadership is to be a servant leader. For that we are justly proud.

Bill Lawson