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Letters to the editor, November 11

No room for compromise

All the arm waving about the good that Obamacare will do (and it will) is a waste of time. This battle is not about health care. It is about money.

It is not about tax money. It is about the amount of money the health care industry will make from the 98 percent of the population who are not part of the “elite rich.”

The working class (the 98 percent) has increased to exceed the number of available jobs, resulting in higher unemployment. This is a godsend for the elite rich.

This suppresses labor costs, which increases the amount of money going to the elite rich. The working class has not made any real gains since the 1960s.

I don’t believe Congressman (Doctor) Burgess (he voted to defund Obamacare) really believes in the GOP health plan of “get old-get sick-die quick.” What I believe is he does not want to dilute any of the current income of any health care-related business by the incorporation of 35 million of the least able to pay.

Like the working class where supply has outstripped demand (high unemployment), the elite rich have reached the same point where there is little extra pie to go around.

Now they must fight tooth-and-nail to keep what they have and keep the yearly increases they have become accustomed to. This ensures there is no room for compromise.

We are in for years of government gridlock like we just experienced. Failure to resolve this situation has (historically) resulted in a collapse of the government.

Bill Reed