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Letters to the editor, November 12

Throw-away people

Some leftist thinking makes sense, like part of ”going green.”

Americans had major material limits in the mid-1900s, first because of the Great Depression, later because of strict World War II rationing. Tired of scrimping, when prosperity returned after the war, many Americans feasted on materialism, developing a throw-away culture.

Leftists wisely oppose such wasteful materialism. Adopting conservative principles, wanting to conserve natural resources, they call for recycling, reusing, more efficient cars, etc.

They also support conserving endangered species and other animals and plants.

Strangely, while demanding an end to throw-away material goods, and seeking to save animals and plants, leftists keep demanding throw-away people.

For example, leftists demand throw-away babies, even fully developed late-term babies. In Obamacare, health panels decide which of our elderly and sick to save and which to throw away.

Siding with teacher union wants against student needs, even in failing schools, leftists support throwing away children.

Winking at casual sex, even for vulnerable youth, and living together without marriage or civil union protection, leftists support sexual predators against likely victims, and throwing away weaker, less-desirable sex partners.

The philosopher Kant was right in saying that human beings are worthwhile in themselves, not just means to ends, leftist ends, too, like unlimited abortion, union rule in education, destructive sexual choices and arbitrary government health care decisions.

Let’s “go green” against throw-away people, too. Let’s oppose leftist trashing of babies, children, the sick, the old and the weak.

Lee Nahrgang