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Letters to the editor, November 13

Rube Goldberg tactics

Genuinely sincere people who buy into the errant notion that we need to cut modest sums from safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare are unaware that they threaten their own financial security.

By reducing the meager benefits the nation’s elderly garner from social safety net programs, those who buy in to this straw man argument actually create greater economic burdens for themselves. Without these benefits, children of elder parents will have to make up the difference out of their own pockets.

When conservative talking points falsely insist that entitlement programs increase the national debt and raise needless alarms about how this will irreparably hurt our economy, they are being dishonest and exploiting a misconception that has worked to their advantage for years.

This misconception erroneously conveys that anyone on the government dole is essentially a deadbeat.

So when people who have parents who are collecting Social Security and rely on Medicare to meet basic health needs espouse these claims, they are essentially calling their parents deadbeats.

Social Security and Medicare are called entitlement programs because the beneficiaries are entitled to them after contributing to them all their lives in the form of payroll deductions. It’s this generation’s turn to endure that responsibility for their parents as well as their own future.

Social Security adds nothing to the deficit yet those who try to convince us otherwise use Rube Goldberg tactics to obscure this fact. Cutting benefits today will only guarantee weaker retirement financial security for future generations.

Larry Beck