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Letters to the editor, November 14

Outstanding play

The Denton school district has a performance play as good as Broadway in New York.

Beginning this past week, Guyer High School had a stage production of Les Miserables, a famous Broadway play that included a tremendous amount of very high-quality acting and singing.

I have seen the play on Broadway and this team did as good a production as I saw in New York. They are tremendous.

Led by Andrew Hansen, the players sang songs and did all kinds of stage visual moving, dancing and gestures and are outstanding.

There are a total of 17 orchestra students and more than 25 actors, singers and dancers all from Guyer High.

They began their show this past Thursday evening and have three more performances this week at Guyer. The director is Eleshia Crotwell and they don’t get any better than her for a terrific job of everything in putting this well-done play together and showing it to several hundred guests.

The Denton area is so fortunate to have this sort of thing available for any of us who would like to see it.

If you ever wanted to see a great show with fantastic young artists, this is the place and time to do it.

Bob Treadaway