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Letters to the editor, November 20

Absurd assault

The absurdity of Michael Dana’s assault on Sen. Ted Cruz and Ray Roberts [“Banana ticket,” DRC, Nov. 3] can best be revealed in his following statement: “Like most Cubans, Cruz likes dictatorships. Cuba traded ... Batista ... for Fidel Castro followed by Raul Castro.” Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, fled Cuba, not Ted.

I am one of those “carpetbaggers” Dana scorns who voted for Cruz. Having lived in Florida for more than 40 years, the Cubans who Dana denigrates were our friends and, most importantly, fellow Americans.

Our neighbors, both physicians, sent their two children from Cuba to relatives in Miami, not knowing if they would see them again. Is this the action of someone who likes dictatorships?

Two years later they escaped to Miami from the oppressive Castro regime. After two arduous years of odd jobs and learning a new language, they passed their medical boards to practice medicine.

They did not ask for government programs, only the God-given freedoms guaranteed under the Declaration of Independence.

As the Cuban immigrants assimilated into our culture, they staked their claim to the American Dream through hard work, grit and ingenuity. I have relatives who have been to Cuba on mission trips. That same Cuban resourcefulness optimizes their meager resources.

Although the iron fist of communism has relegated Cubans to accept their lot in life, the yearning for freedom drives some to risk death to escape Castro’s tyranny.

The 118 brave Cuban patriots who died in the Bay of Pigs gave their lives in the name of liberty, not “dictatorships.”

Bill Lawson