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Letters to the editor, November 23

Time for clean government

After the crash of the train, which is the Affordable Care and Obama packages, it is time for the liberals to make a run for the open space and get away from the word “Obama.”

They have a load of cleanup to think about prior to the 2014 political race — and the 2016 presidential race.

Just think, Obama assured we could keep our insurance plans and doctors (period). Also, not discussed much, but Hillary Clinton made the identical promises, which we all now call outright lies and she wants to follow Obama as president and offer us the same nonsense.

If the tea party and Republican Party should hold hands, discuss the many falsehoods given and work for a good, honest vote we could clean up this nonsense government that is about to destroy our freedom.

The entire Obama group has so many problem areas, lies and destructive ventures that it would take a full page to list all of them.

Now is the time for all political parties to start working for a clean government to perform under the Constitution and honor of our country.

Ray Roberts