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Letters to the editor, November 24

Live together respectfully

President Obama could have brought us together. Building on his 2004 speech, where he said: “we’re all connected as one people,” we’re members of “one American family,” he could have used himself as an example of our unity in diversity.

He could have said, “I had a black father and a white mother. I won’t tolerate knee-jerk racist hate, white or minority. We’re ‘one American family.’”

He could have said, “I was poor when with my mom and rich when with my grandparents. I won’t tolerate knee-jerk hatred of rich or poor. We’re ‘one American family.’”

He could have said, “I studied Islam and became Christian. I won’t tolerate knee-jerk attacks on religions. We’re ‘one American family.’”

He could have said, “I learned leftist beliefs, but I support conservative principles of rule of law, and our founding documents. Left and right, we’re ‘one American family.’”

Instead, for the political power to impose leftist beliefs, he and other morally certain totalitarian leftists divide us. They push group warfare and hate, pitting minority against white, poor against rich, non-Christian against Christian, left against right, women against men, etc.

Do we really want so much to give leftists the power to control us that we let them destroy our “one American family” for that power?

Let’s really be “one American family.” Let’s support constructive individuals and oppose destructive individuals, regardless of the groups they’re in.

Let’s not let leftists divide us and control us. Let’s live together respectfully.

Lee Nahrgang,