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Letters to the editor, November 25

Sin of omission

I continue to get misleading e-mails from Congressman Burgess committing the sin of omission. In his latest tangent, he expresses the naive view that somehow only the president is at fault for failing to accurately inform less than 5 percent of insured people that they could lose their policies when the new health law kicks in next year.

Yes, shame on Obama for continuing to tell people after the law was passed in 2010 that people could keep their existing policies, even if these didn’t meet the standards the new law required. His omission was not clarifying that this only held true for those who had such flimsy policies prior to March 2010, not the ones sold to unsuspecting consumers by health insurance companies after that date.

These companies knew full well that their less-than-adequate coverage policies would have to be canceled once the new law was activated but failed to inform the new policyholders of this when they signed them up. Trying to make a killing in the market while they could, I suspect. Hooray for capitalism.

I personally don’t rely on the president to inform me of what will and won’t be honored when I buy a product. I expect the person who sold me the service to do that. Shame on them for failing to do so and shame on Burgess for failing to clarify this point in his message.

OK, Mr. Lawson (DRC, Nov. 9). I’m ready for your over-the-top defense of Burgess.

Larry Beck