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Letters to the editor, November 26

The ludicrous leftist

In Michael Dana’s letter (DRC, Nov. 3), he made sure he tossed in many of his bigoted thoughts: “Like most Cubans, Cruz likes dictatorships.”

Is that why many Cubans have risked their lives to float 90 miles to the USA and out of communist Cuba? It is folks on the left that befriend dictators in North Korea, Cuba, etc. … and try to bring their Marxist policies here.

Then Mr. Dana spewed, “that the carpetbaggers who had flooded Texas.” Many folks around the country are coming here for jobs, because many of the dem states and their job-killing policies and taxes have destroyed opportunities there.

Remember, the dems are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Socialism, voter fraud ... they have to corrupt and lie, in order to survive politically.

So, folks that believe in the U.S. Constitution are glad we have representatives like Ted Cruz that did not go to D.C. to sell out the American people (like so many others) but is standing up for our liberties.

Remember, leftist dingleberries immediately clung to the “occupy movement,” which was full of anarchists, Marxists, nitwits, bums and flag burners but opposed the Tea Party movement because we value our God-given freedoms and the U.S. Constitution.

If it was not for uninformed voters, these leftist clowns would be laughed out of town.

Ignorance is bliss for the dems.

Eric Mach,