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Letters to the editor, December 1

Not so fast

In regards to “Sin of omission” by Larry Beck [DRC, Nov. 25]: I say, “Not so fast, Larry.”

Have you forgotten Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass this bill so we know what’s in it?” How astounding to hear that, especially from the then-speaker of the House.

I thought members wrote the bills and would know what’s in them. I thought any member would read the bill before voting on it. And didn’t Obama promise to post bills on the Internet for five days?

The original bill was about 2,700 pages, but after the “rule” writing it expanded to a stack of paper about 8 feet tall.

You seem to gloss over Obama’s omission of not clarifying his statement about keeping your “policy/doctor.” What part of “period” do you not understand?

Or is this a case of a definition of what “is” is?

You also mention “flimsy policies,” and I say, “By whose definition?”

And prior to March of 2010 — who knew what at that date? In regards to you waiting to hear “Mr. Lawson” and his “over-the-top defense of” Congressmen Burgess, I say I am ready, too, because he really is a fine congressman.

John Green,

Hickory Creek