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Letters to the editor, December 4

What happened?

Arriving back in Denton after a 37-year sabbatical, I immediately noticed the abundance of gas wells located throughout the area — some very near parks, hospitals, residential areas, universities, etc.

What are these people doing, I asked myself; why here, having seen the ravages of this brutal industry and what it’s done to the aquifers in Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Pennsylvania and the like. 

The poisons used in this industry are so highly carcinogenic and their lasting effect on our fragile water supply is catastrophic, yet these wells are not only allowed to persist but are welcomed.

Millions of gallons of water are tainted each day. 

What are these people thinking? 

Then I realized it ... greed, greedy City Council members, greedy investors, greedy developers.

I remember dynamic Denton as a fun town where everyone was included in how it was run. What happened? 

When did it turn so far south? Whose idea was it to taint this lovely community? Folks, I just don’t get it.

The wind farm near Muenster is very nice, though.

Aaron Cundall, Denton