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Letters to the editor, December 6

Gravy not good in coffee

Bubba called. Said the little family hated missing Thanksgiving in Lubbock. Bubba wasn’t about to go with all that winter weather predicted. Besides, said he couldn’t think of anything worse than being snowed in with Old DeWitt and Big Six, 40 miles from town, down in those gullies and draws. Great ranching territory but you need a Patton tank to pull the mud on those hills in bad weather.

Wasn’t that brisket delicious at Ike’s? Those folks know how to put on a good feed. Bubba says it should be a law in Texas that cobbler must be served with a barbecue meal. That peach cobbler was good but a blackberry one would have been tons better. (I didn’t know Bubba was now a food editor, did you? After all, he did eat two bowls of that peach cobbler with ice cream. Smokey, is that a hint or what on the cobbler?)

We lost a good buddy recently; going to miss Dean’s quick wit and laughter. His passing leaves big boots to fill in Ponder. Happy trails, old friend.

Bubba thinks The Kid is in love. He met some little gal at a dance the other night and that has resulted in stars in that guy’s eyes.

The other morning, he was pouring gravy in his coffee and looking moon-eyed out the window.

Now, the gravy is good on most things but not in coffee.

Guess this is going to call for a talking — Bubba hates that.

Alice Gore,