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Letters to the editor, December 7

Where’s the variety?

I read the DRC with my coffee each morning. I’m tired of the same five people being published on the Opinion page. The nonsense spewed from the likes of Mach, Roberts, Zoltner, Nahrgang and Gore are so partisan and false, yet printed weekly.

We’re a family paying big bucks yearly for junk insurance. Now we can buy a policy that will actually cover something. Our daughter can now have her pregnancy covered. (Texas wouldn’t let a self-pay even buy maternity insurance until the ACA.)

These whiny folks on the right have never had to shop for health coverage on their own? Most of them are probably on Medicare. Try dealing with the insurance conglomerations as self-pay.

Those of us who’ve been at the mercy of insurance corporations are thankful for the relief. I’m sorry that is inconvenient for the narrow-minded folks on the right to embrace. Sorry my family’s health is less important than your hateful, religiously sponsored instructions from the pulpit and FOX.

Today’s GOP has worked tirelessly to undermine and falsely spin the slightest little thing. They’ve shut down the government because their small group of delusional supporters freaked out over something that probably doesn’t affect 95 percent of them.

They’ve worked to curtail the basic rights of women, gays, seniors and veterans. Their hearts are hardened to the plight of anyone who doesn’t look like them.

Why does the DRC keep giving these hateful, angry, delusional men and women a platform? Makes my coffee creamer curdle.

Nat Moore