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Letters to the editor, December 9

Responses to Jack Cox and Bill Lawson

Mr. Cox (DRC, Nov. 15):

You call Democrats communist. Obviously, you disapprove of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. Your conservatives gutted the food stamp program that included one million veterans and three million children. Do you even care?

You say the conservative party’s goal is to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Do you mean by falsely preventing citizens, many of whom are veterans, from voting by a false charge of voter fraud The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU found only 37 cases of voter fraud out of fifty-four million votes cast. What a perverted method of supporting the United States Constitution.

You say my freedom was not earned by me. I earned the right to criticize politicians or liars with whom I disagree because I am a veteran. Are you?

Mr. Lawson (DRC, Nov. 20):

I am tired of people moving into Texas and telling us what to think. Anecdotal evidence of two Cubans sending their children to the U.S. does not compare with the numerous times that reactionary Cuban immigrants attacked Anglo Democratic meetings throughout south Florida.

Where have we heard of that before? Ohm yes, the Nazi Storm Troopers, in 1920s Germany, that attacked every political meeting that disagreed with them. Moreover, your citing of the 118 Bay of Pigs patriots who died in the invasion makes my case. Not a single Cuban rose up to help them. In fact, they helped the Castro regime capture them. What an example of resisting the Castro dictatorship.

Michael S. Dana