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Letters to the editor, December 10

A call for gun control

A recent published study titled “Gun Ownership and Firearm-related Deaths” by the prestigious American Journal of Medicine is yet one more source that confirms what is really common knowledge to most Americans. The more guns per capita does NOT make for a more safe country.

Iceland, for example, has a crime rate five times higher than ours but with a gun ownership per capita rate of 30.3 guns per 100 people to the U.S.’s 88.8. Iceland has only 1.25 people per 100,000 killed by firearms as opposed to this country’s rate of 10.2 per 100,000. Countries like Japan and the U.K., where gun ownership is much lower, also have comparable lower rates of gun violent deaths.

The argument by gun supporters that violence is still inherent in our society and therefore death by other objects will still occur misses the point that death by gun takes so many more lives quicker and easier. The easier it is to kill for some will likely enable them to carry out their nefarious deeds. It would have been much easier for those killed in Tucson, Ariz., Aurora, Colo., or the Sandy Hook elementary school to escape the attempts of a club or knife wielding madman than the rapid-fire velocity of a bullet.

Since the Newtown mass killings last December, more than 11,000 U.S. citizens have died from gun violence. It’s time to push past the fear that prevents what the majority of Americans want. Sane gun control legislation.

Larry Beck,