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Letters to the editor, December 2

Oprah’s opinions

Oprah Winfrey says that the criticism President Obama is receiving is primarily due to racism and America is a racist country. This is coming from an African-American who is one of the richest, most successful, influential and powerful women in the world.

Her success was achieved in America.

We can debate the question of racism in America forever and there will always be a gray area about whether there is or is not racism. However, the statement I find most objectionable is that those critiques are disrespectful to the office.

Ms. Winfrey and many on the left frequently lecture us about having respect for the office of the presidency. How hypocritical.

Have they forgotten the George W. Bush years? This president was under attack from day one. He was called every despicable name one could think of including comparisons to Stalin and his gulags, Adolf Hitler, even some claiming President Bush was behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The attacks on Bush were vicious and relentless. Where was the outcry from the left for “respect of the office” during the years 2000-2008? There was none.

So let’s see, if you disagree with President Obama’s policies, ideology or his job performance, you are racist or, at least, disrespecting his office.

If Ms. Winfrey is so concerned with respect for the office, maybe she should not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom just bestowed on her and the man that did the most to disrespect the actual office of the president, Bill Clinton.

Dennis Loccisano,



Volcanic actions

Obama’s rise and fall parallel the actions of a volcanic island. It started with a big blast, impressing those who were waiting for something for nothing. The lava then flows to the sea and turns to steam that the winds blow to reality.

Jim Penton,