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Letters to the editor, December 11

Burgess won’t surrender

“No room for compromise” [DRC, Nov. 11] alleges that Congressman Michael Burgess voted to defund Obamacare to secure current insurance industry income by denying insurance to 35 million people who are least able to pay.

Obamacare–compliant plans mandate benefits people may neither need nor want. This inflates exchange costs for young healthy people. By then awarding subsidies to select groups only, government creates winners and losers.

Instead of focusing on the needs of the present uninsured, cancellations of noncompliant government policies have led to an additional 14,000,000 uninsured.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation found that some Texans will pay an average of 158 percent more to comply with Obamacare mandates. A 27-year-old’s catastrophic policy in Austin costing $59 per month prior to Obamacare, would increase to $153.

While arguing that this is not about tax money, Bill Reed overlooks the 18 separate tax increases of $503 billion mandated by Obamacare between 2010 and 2013. These tax hikes slow economic growth, reduce employment and suppress wages of the working class that Reed laments.

The unemployment dilemma Reed rightfully mentions is not the fault of the 2 percent “elite rich” he ridicules. They employ 93 percent of the people who work for small businesses and are the risk-taking job creators. Obama’s oppressive 4,128 new regulations, costing the economy $515 billion, are the real killer of job-producing start-up enterprises.

Compromise, to the left, means Republicans compromise their principles and surrender their values. Congressman Michael Burgess isn’t about to surrender.

Bill Lawson,