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Letters to the editor, December 12

Learn the facts

Liberal Democrats did a good job building a coalition of many special-interest groups, a coalition often producing a national majority.

Morally certain totalitarian leftists, like President Obama and Hillary Clinton, take this liberal legacy and run with it. They encourage these groups, including Hispanics, to see Americans who disagree with them as “enemies” they need to “punish” (President Obama).

They compare these Americans with suicide bombers, kidnappers and arsonists (White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer).

In this way, leftists demonize Americans who vote Republican. Democratic Rep. Waters even calls us “demons.”

By demonizing these Americans, by dividing Americans into good “us” and evil “them,” leftists ensure that fear and hate keep their coalition together, but they also ensure that their coalition members won’t think in terms of what’s good for the country as a whole.

Why would they want policies that would help “demon” Republican “enemies,” too?

Leftist coalition members are therefore encouraged to support only what’s good for themselves and other coalition members. The thinking (conscious or unconscious) is, “You help me get mine. I’ll help you get yours. And who cares about anyone else?”

Responsible Americans, Democratic, independent and Republican, must reject such immoral me-and-mine-only thinking. They must learn the facts on each issue and then support what’s really best in the long run for the country as a whole.

That’ll be best for every individual American, too.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together [as Americans] or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Lee Nahrgang,