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Letters to the editor, December 14

Love what Jesus taught

Before the miracles, if Jesus came up to you 2,000 years ago saying, “Hey, buddy, love your fellow man as much as you love yourself,” many of you would have punched him out, many of you would have spit in his face, many of you would have laughed and turned your backs.

Few followed him. So Jesus raised a man from the dead, walked on water and converted spitters gathered around.

It wasn’t enough.

Matthew, a day’s walk away, was selling gourds of potion promising to add 10 years to your life. It was selling like hotcakes.

Jesus took the cue and promised eternal life. That swayed some back-turners.

Jesus didn’t come here to satisfy your greed for eternal life. He came down to teach you to love your fellow man. He said and did things to get you to listen.

You know how you ask for more than you want, then negotiate for less? You don’t have to love others “as much” as you love yourself, just treat your fellow man with respect and decency, like paying your employees a living wage.

The Waltons are among the richest people in the country, yet spit on most Wal-Mart employees with low wages.

Rich McDonalds’ CEOs virtually punch their employees, telling them to apply for food stamps.

Wendys’ execs turn their backs on their employees, who can barely make a living working two jobs.

This isn’t Christian.

You want to love Jesus? Love what he taught.

Jim Stodola,