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Letters to the editor, December 15

Offer positive solutions

I was surprised when I read the opinion piece on Saturday, Nov. 23, authored by Steve Chapman, “Kennedy and the heyday of overambitious government.” Do we have to put up with someone who seems to think that President Kennedy was wrong to lead us with “overambitious government” to reach a new level of excellence for our country?

In what cave has he been living?

So on Saturday, Nov. 30, he comes back with another piece of negativism on education and the Head Start program. His data seems weak.

Does Chapman not believe that exposing children at an early age to educational activities leads to improvement in all aspects of the education process? Does he not believe that education is the cornerstone of human advancement?

Isn’t there a columnist who can challenge us to be better?

Isn’t there someone who can not only tell us what is wrong but can offer positive solutions to our problems?

Can’t the Record-Chronicle do better?

Diane and Oscar Garcia,