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Letters to the editor, December 16

Prepare better for storms

One of the measures of success for governmental entities is how well they have prepared for and been able to meet crises such as the recent sleet and ice storm. In Texas, from state government on down, they have failed.

While they may be excused for closing things on Friday, Dec. 6, they had the weekend to clear roads. Excavators and general contractors have equipment for removing ice; the cities could have plows to fit dump trucks. Technology exists for destroying ice; instead, governments made meaningless gestures.

Government managed to close the churches through its inactivity. Denton, the county seat, was inaccessible to its residents. Since schools were closed for three days, working parents had to struggle to find care for the students.

People lost income by not getting to work, or if they did go, it was at great risk to personal safety and damage to their vehicles on the cobblestone ice. Losses to businesses in a major shopping weekend before Christmas were in the millions, let alone the loss in sales tax revenue.

This was not an unusual occurrence. Two years ago we had an ice storm and a couple of years before that, a sleet storm. Over the years, these storms happen with enough frequency to warrant greater preparation. Governments fritter away money on nonessentials.

Perhaps our governmental leaders think Texans aren’t worth the bother.

Walter Lindrose,