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Letters to the editor, December 17

Pitiful tactics of the left

If you read this paper regularly, you will continually see the same handful of leftists wage a propaganda war against America’s foundation: the Bill of Rights, the Bible and logic.

That is the core of these debates; those who believe in what made this country the best on earth; and those who put their faith in central planning and fascist policies.

This is seen in Larry Beck’s (Nov. 25) and Nat Moore’s (Dec. 7) letters, where they practice the communist Saul Alinsky tactic of making moral arguments for their desired agenda and schemes.

• If Americans do not believe in forcing taxpayers to fund abortions — then the leftists say we are anti-women.

• If Americans believe in showing some identification to vote — then the leftists say we are anti-minority.

• If Americans believe that people who are convicted of a sex crime should be barred from teaching kids — these sickos say we are anti–minority.

• If Americans do not believe in forcing citizens into the “un-operational unaffordable care act” — the leftists say we are against people having health care.

Even though these statements are stupid and insulting to minorities and all others, they are the pitiful tactics of the demoralized left.

Apostle Paul said the struggles we have are not of the flesh but of the spirit.

So, where do you think those who always fight to have infants killed at will, who persecute Christians and freedom stand?

Eric Mach,