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Letters to the editor, December 18

Thanks for the help

Recently my wife and I went shopping on University Drive. As I checked out, she decided she needed something from the deli. When she got back, she was upset. She realized that she had left her purse in the car, and the lady next to her offered to pay.

Later, the lady was nowhere in sight. Whoever you are, no gift you give this season will be more appreciated.

The parking lot had been plowed, but a lot of ice remained, so I asked my wife to wait while I took the buggy to the van. I misjudged which door and ended up in the far lane from the door.

I went to let her hold onto my arm. The plowed ice was so heavy she could not get in. I saw her slip, lose her balance and fall backward. She hit her head on the bumper and fell.

At least three people called 911. A lady took off her coat and placed it over her. Another lady went to her car for a blanket. The Salvation Army lady brought her shawl. A man brought the cover from his spare tire to slip under her.

EMTs took her to the hospital where a scan showed she had no concussion. She went home with only a headache and neckache.

We want all of you concerned folks to know that we very much appreciated your help.

They say to repay a kindness, pay it forward.

That we intend to do.

Jim Mackey,