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Letters to the editor, December 19

Team effort

This has been a magical year for Mean Green football and Apogee Stadium. We learn in business that no one person ever accomplishes anything as powerful as what a team can produce.

So, in a year where we appreciate the well-deserved “thanks” being offered to Dan McCarney and his team, let me offer thanks to the “team” effort here in Denton.

We needed help in creating game day train and shuttle service to Apogee for two afternoon contests and Denton County Transportation Authority and the A-train made it happen.

We needed support to create a smooth process and University of North Texas parking services and police were there. We needed funding and downtown Denton merchants stepped up.

When the ice hit and the high school football playoffs were upon us, facilities staff at Apogee, headed by Derek Grice, worked diligently with Ken Purcel. From Rick Villarreal on down, we grabbed shovels and ice picks and hit the stands. With a lot of help from the city of Denton, the Denton school district and folks in our department and on our campus — we made it happen!

Apogee is Denton’s stadium. The Mean Green, the Raiders, the Wildcats and the Broncos are Denton’s teams. I am pretty sure that the spirit of teamwork has never been higher in our city.

I hope this big “team” can leave Denton for a few hours on Jan. 1 and make the Cotton Bowl and Dallas realize what is going on up here when the Mean Green and UNLV face off in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

Hank Dickenson,