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Letters to the editor, December 21

Looking out for No. 1

So the City Council decided to do things its way.

Makes a person wonder why council members couldn’t let the taxpayers have a say in making the decision to incur that much debt. But knowing some of the council members, I guess there isn’t much reason to wonder.

It’s really selfish and irresponsible for them to ask the county and Denton school district to help — especially since the DISD has had such a hard time making ends meet. But I guess the convention center is more important than getting roads and bridges, etc., repaired and the kids getting an education.

Sure don’t want my DISD taxes used to further our council’s hidden agenda for this project.

What’s in it for them?

Doesn’t the fact that the majority of hotels and motels report that a large percent of rooms are vacant most of the time mean anything to these so-called smart businessmen and women?

Seems they are not concerned about current business people and the fact they may be hurting their chances of making a profit.

Just looking out for themselves.

Laura Kinne,