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Letters to the editor, December 22

We need some limits

Many have a firm belief that the “market” provides the best force to insure that we have a fair and viable economy. However, this belief does not consider that individual self-interest is dominated by greed.

If some control is not exercised, those in power will control most actions for their individual benefit. Those in an inferior position suffer.

Market freedom should be tempered with some control or regulation. Few if any would grant unlimited free speech. We cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Limits to our freedom have to be carefully applied and monitored. An untethered market promotes greed in the powerful and places those without power in poverty.

For example, the lack of a “living wage” forces many to seek assistance from government programs such as food stamps and Medicaid. We “the citizens” are subsidizing the strong and influential.

Many decry the cost of giving some protection to the disadvantaged and seek to reduce these expenditures without understanding that the primary beneficiaries are the big corporations. Lower wages increase their bottom line. We, the taxpayers and citizens, should seek some regulation to limit this greed.

We are fortunate that we have a Constitution that provides great freedom. These freedoms are not unlimited but should be controlled like our freedom of speech.

The market is another that should be limited. Gun control is another that needs some limits.

Bill Giese,