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Letters to the editor, December 31

No piece of cake

Bubba called. Said the sleet, ice and cold weather sure wore his good humor awfully thin. He and The Kid were hauling hay, checking for sick or injured stock, keeping the water chopped clear of ice and just generally freezing. Thank God for insulated coveralls.

Keeping Old DeWitt out of the frigid weather wasn’t a piece of cake, either.

Bubba said that before he found the opportunity for that “father-son” chat with The Kid regarding first love etc.; the young woman found out the spiffy F250 pickup that The Kid drives is ranch-owned.

Man, that snuffed out any romance she might have had going with The Kid; gotta wonder about her interest in the first place if that high-dollar pickup played such an important role. Guess she saw the truck, figured The Kid owned it and that spelled money.

Life brings hard knocks from time to time and right about now, The Kid is feeling pretty beat up. If hard work is a sure-fire cure for that, he should be feeling better in no time.

Cowboying is where you get worked like a rented mule, eat like a horse and sleep like a log.

Tomorrow you get up and get to do it all over again, without getting rich.

Bubba said now that lots of low-information voters know what the rest of us have known for years regarding this community-organizer president — don’t you wish for a “do over” on that last election?

Alice Gore, Denton