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Letters to the editor, January 2

Take care of business first

Since everyone else is commenting, I didn’t want to be left out of the convention center fray, so here is my 3 cents worth.

“Build it and they will come?” Not so fast Cactus Lil!

We are not a convention city yet. We don’t even have the riverwalks that San Antonio and Oklahoma City have. Of course, we could dig up Elm and Locust streets and fill them with water. And to keep their identity, we could make them one-way canals for the gondolas.

The University of North Texas and our beloved City Council already agreed to the convention center. But let’s take care of business first. I used to frequent a town in East Texas. I don’t remember it for its elegant old courthouse; I remember the town for its lousy roads.

I do respect our council members. But as I recently talked to one of them, he related to me that the recent bond election will not be sufficient to properly repair and build all our city roads.

And folks, I may be a tad selfish, but I have a bad back, and I’m tired of getting bounced around on some our roads.

Of course conventioneers will not be drawn to our town because of our roads, but that’s what they’ll remember about you, and that’s what they’ll tell their friends.

So let’s delay the convention center awhile, and take care of business first.

Fix our roads first, and don’t just patch them.

Jim Stodola, Denton