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Letters to the editor, January 3

Dedicated professionals

Our farm was targeted by thieves who burglarized one of our barns. The building was our shop where we work on all of our farm equipment and it was locked and secured.

The individuals took numerous hand tools, four-wheelers, welders and welding equipment, a power washer and other items.

A deputy from the Sheriff’s Office responded and took a report. The case was forwarded to the county’s Criminal Investigation Division. Investigator James Charles immediately went to work. Within 24 hours, Charles — along with Investigator Marco DeLeon — had recovered all of the equipment and had the main suspect identified.

That’s great police work, but what makes it remarkable and worthy of mention is that it would have been easy for investigators to take the case and sit on it.

Instead, Charles immediately started tracking leads and suspects and on a Friday evening just before Christmas he stayed with it and checked out the location of the stolen items.

Investigator DeLeon, on his way home to attend a family Christmas party, heard radio traffic from Charles and rushed to his location because he knew Charles was alone. Together on a cold evening they processed and documented stolen items, sacrificing time with their families.

Cases do not always turn out this good, but we all can rest easier knowing that because of the dedication and perseverance of law enforcement professionals like Charles and DeLeon, crooks will have it a little harder and residents of Denton County can take comfort knowing these two officers are out there.

Mike Caley,