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Letters to the editor, January 4

Burgess’ oath

Larry Beck’s letter [DRC, Nov. 25] “shames” insurance companies for selling noncompliant Obamacare policies after March 2010 and allegedly not informing customers those policies would not be renewed.

He simultaneously chastises Congressman Burgess for not blaming insurance companies in his e-mails. Obamacare’s feckless rollout has been marred by 14 laws to amend, retract or change the law, while also delaying portions of it five times.

Beck’s own omission ignores that Obama knew 40 percent to 67 percent of individual policy holders would lose their policies after the bill was passed because Health and Human Services changed regulations and made millions of the alleged “flimsy” individual health plans illegal, by mandating that any policy change made the policy illegal.

Obama’s HHS report in the June 2010 Federal Register estimated that 66 percent of small-employer plans and 45 percent of large-employer plans would relinquish grandfather status by the end of 2013.

Obama knew Hillarycare failed after people realized they could lose their policies or doctors.

Thus Obama’s notorious lie, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period.” is straight from the Machiavellian handbook. “The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.”

With a possible 80 million losing coverage, a malfunctioning, unsecure $1 billion website, looming doctor shortage, Texas policy rate increases of 35 percent to 65 percent, and requirements people neither need nor want, Beck makes no mention of Congressman Burgess’ suggested solutions.

Congressman Burgess’ oath of office was to defend the Constitution not Obama’s socialist agenda.

Bill Lawson,