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Letters to the editor, January 5

Reflection of knowledge

Joe Ratliff, in his denunciation of the effects of man-made climate change [DRC, Dec. 25], exposes several fatal flaws with the typical denier’s thinking.

First, he presumes the political hack Walter Williams is an expert to be quoted concerning the climate science. One is more likely to get tomato juice from a cow before a person would get objective views on climate change from Walter.

Secondly, Mr. Ratliff erroneously postulates that climate scientists claim that “humans are responsible for most or all of the climate changes.” It is this claim of his that is balderdash. Not the belief but that it was made by climate scientists.

The CO2 mankind does contribute to climate change may be small in comparison to what nature does, but it is an unnatural contribution that tips the balance of nature’s sensitive ecosystem. Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, climate change has occurred 10 times faster than at any time in the past 65 million years.

And lastly, he assures us that volcanoes contribute more C02 to the atmosphere than people do. This is patently false and a simple check on any search engine will demonstrate that humans emit 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes.

His comments do get a pass because they were poised on the opinion page and thus allowed some factual discrepancies.

But our opinions are a reflection of our knowledge base and clearly Mr. Ratliff has more faith in the meanderings of an ideologue than the objective observations of science.

Larry Beck,