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Letters to the editor, January 6

Suggestion for school name

On Dec. 20, the Denton Record-Chronicle noted that the Denton Independent School District is accepting nominations for naming future facilities. No one is more worthy of such an honor than Dottie McEuin. When she died less than a year ago, Dottie had been employed as a grade level counselor at Denton High School for a quarter century.

Dottie loved her students, filled them with hope, was a shoulder to cry on and was adamant that they continue their education and never give up on themselves. She believed that any student could excel if given encouragement and guidance, and she provided encouragement and guidance to generations.

It would be difficult to find anyone who has positively affected as many young lives as Dottie.

I suggest that the high school being planned be named Dottie Lewis McEuin High School. It would be a tribute not only to Dottie but also to all the teachers who toil for too little pay and appreciation.

All the students and parents whose lives were touched by Dottie can help honor her by writing or e-mailing our school board members. Their contact information is on the DISD website,

Michael Whitten,