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Letters to the editor, January 12

Re-elect Edmondson

With Dianne Edmondson’s unwavering commitment to conservative principles preceding her, she has earned re-election as chairwoman of the Denton County Republican Party.

Leadership is the key to team building. Dianne Edmondson’s leadership inspires loyalty that builds winning teams.

From the fight to stop the so-called Equal Rights Amendment when it was three states short of passage in the ’70s, to her inspirational work for the sanctity of life, Dianne has demonstrated those qualities.

While in Missouri before the 2012 election, I met a woman whom I consider a true patriot. She told me that when they were fighting the ERA, Dianne told them, “I am not asking for your life here. I am asking for your total commitment for only six weeks. I committed and I am still here over 40 years later.” Dianne shows the essence of inspiring loyalty and building teams.

That Missouri trip was inspired by Dianne’s decisive leadership when the GOP kingmakers attempted to derail Todd Akin’s senatorial campaign after one inarticulate statement for which he apologized.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee promptly eliminated all funding for his race, while ostracizing him.

Dianne’s bold answer to this was that the Republican hierarchy had no right to dictate to Missouri their choice for the Senate after Todd Akin had won his primary.

Dianne’s ability to build coalitions resonated when one of the Akin for Senate chairmen told me, “We knew if anybody would come to help us, it would be someone from Texas.”

That someone was Dianne Edmondson.

Bill Lawson,