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Letters to the editor, January 13

Best and worst

I can’t figure out how good or bad the Affordable Care Act is doing since its alleged startup on Jan. 1. I fear that my letter will get printed just at the time everything gets made clear.

At the best, multiple millions got signed up and were supplied with insurance cards in an amazingly short time, they aren’t bothered with the high annual deductible and the media haven’t yet interviewed these happy participants.

At the worst, nobody actually got signed up or they were stunned by the annual deductible, the government won’t admit it and the media aren’t telling us.

My advice to others is to not participate in the ACA, try hard to live a healthy lifestyle, build up a personal health savings account, negotiate with doctors and hospitals — preferably in advance — to pay with cash for really necessary care, and hope that some kind of major medical insurance becomes available.

Only a part of Obamacare is insurance; a lot is prepaid medical plus a tax to pay for others’ care, along with profits for insurers, effectively Mafiacare.

ACA insurance is priced attractively for those with pre-existing conditions, and for those just above the federal poverty line, because somebody else is paying!

Ross Melton Jr.,



Women leaders

An intelligent person said, “I see women as pioneers ... the architects of a tremendous future.”

It’s too bad a showboat like Ted Cruz replaced the smart Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Wendy Davis deserves to be the next governor of Texas.

Dolores Vann,