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Letters to the editor, January 14

Speak out against injustice

We live under a “representative democracy.” Groups of citizens elect an individual who represents their interests in city, state or federal governments.

The Dallas Morning News recently published an editorial that identified parts of recent voter ID laws as being extremely harmful. Specifically, these laws reduce the number of polling places, voting machines and hours available for voting; most, where long lines have previously occurred. Some restrict the times and places that voter registration can occur.

It’s been documented and televised that conservative legislative and election officials have boasted the aforementioned measures are intended to reduce the number of voting minorities and young people in order to win elections.

The DMN declares that this is wrong.

Remember, voting is a constitutional right. All of you who are the current “silent” voting populace should be publicly saying these practices are wrong, and telling your elected representatives the same — but, you're not.

When you look at pictures of public lynchings that took place during the Jim Crow period, there are typically many faces of men, women and, yes, children in the crowds. All of them did not agree with what was going on, but they were usually “silent,” too.

Ronald L. Johnson,