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Letters to the editor, January 16

Where was the outrage?

Never in my wildest nightmare did I expect to “defend” a New Jersey politician. But seemingly every member of the Fourth Estate, the Democratic Party and even some Republicans are falling all over themselves in glee — hollering “bridge gate” or worse.

One wonders where this outrage was when “Fast and Furious” allowed untold numbers of military-grade weapons to be shipped to Mexico — resulting in the death of at least one border agent and unnumbered deaths inside Mexico?

• Or the debacle in Benghazi, the death of four Americans — including two ex-SEALS who were willing to defend the ambassador and our embassy assets — while no aid would be coming from United States resources?

• Or the slow response given to nonprofit applications submitted to the IRS by organizations suspected of not supporting the administration?

• Or the money and weapons shipped to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

• Or the dumbing-down of America — selling recreational marijuana in state-licensed stores?

• Or the legal killing of the aged and infirmed — under the guise of assisted suicide?

• Or the murder of babies in “partial birth” abortions?

• Or the youth who were killed and/or injured during the surge in Afghanistan that was neither believed in by this administration nor fielded to the levels the generals on the ground requested (Secretary Gate’s recent book/expose)? To name a few.

How would anyone equate the man-made snarling of traffic to events like “Fast-and Furious,” Benghazi, support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the revelations in the Gate’s book?

Larry Jambor,