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Letters to the editor, January 23

Implement solution

The writer of a recent letter thinks that the GOP is all about distracting voters from the “things that really matter,” in the process categorizing — among other things — the worship of God, the concern with immoral behavior and abortion at will as things that are “distracting.”

I think he has it backwards since my Bible says that I am to love the Lord with all my being and by his commandments I “am warned and in keeping them there is great reward.”

But the writer is correct that God is a “distraction,” and I think that kind of sums up the genesis of all our problems today.

Given the direction we have been heading as a nation and the magnitude of our societal problems, I do not think any right-thinking person can conclude that “man” is going to figure out how to solve them.

Actually, man does not need to. He simply needs to implement the centuries-old solution already spelled out in writing that, according to some, is a distraction from our real problems.

William M. Collins,