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Letter to the editors, January 25

Vote for Hammons

Just wanted to express my support of the candidate Johnny Hammons, who is currently running for constable. I have first-hand experience with knowing what a fine family he has and can witness to his strong family values.

I am a local realtor and have handled several foreclosure property evictions to which he supported me and carried out his duties effectively and efficiently.

Melanie Ferguson, Krum


Best health care

Health care in America is constantly being demeaned.

We are being told — and told again and again — by our government that other countries around the world have much better health care, especially with their socialized systems.

Yet, “A lawyer representing Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf in his treason trial said Thursday that his client needs to go to Texas for further medical treatment after a health scare.”

Why isn’t he going to one of those other countries?

Or does he — like most of the world — know that the best care is here?

But for how long?

Larry Jambor, Denton