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Letters to the editor, January 24

Gas, guns and government

Bubba called. Said he needed to address several issues in a recent DRC publication: gas, guns and government.

If you don’t approve of fracking for gas, stop using your electricity as 60 percent comes from natural gas or coal.

If you don’t approve of guns, don’t own one (equating responsible gun owners with the acts of a few mentally disturbed people is like saying all vehicle drivers should stop driving their cars because of the drunks and reckless drivers who kill and maim thousands each year and none of those bad drivers have “affluenza” to blame it on).

So, stay warm, dudes, enjoy riding your bicycles and remember to call 911 if something goes bump in the night.

Did you hear or read where the IRS sent $3.6 billion in phony tax refunds to identity thieves? One address in Lithuania got 500 refund checks. Lithuania?

Guess the IRS was too busy harassing tea party groups to pay any attention to phony tax refunds.

Bubba said the American taxpayers lost $10.5 billion on that General Motors bailout. That should be worth a new vehicle for each taxpayer in payback. Course, since Bubba drives nothing but Fords, that wouldn’t work as a payback for him.

Bubba is not sure how to take that article on the woman filing lawsuits all over Denton. Thinks there should be a state law preventing wholesale lawsuit filings such as these. What’s that Alabama lawyer getting out of all these?

Alice Gore,