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Letters to the editor, January 30

Preserve our freedoms

When Nixon lied to Americans and wanted to use government power against opponents, Republicans wouldn’t support him against impeachment, and he resigned.

Message sent? Such behavior is unacceptable. Truth and integrity matter.

When Clinton lied to Americans and committed the crime of perjury, every Senate Democrat supported him, even each of the many not needed to prevent removal from office.

Message sent? It’s OK for Democrats to lie and commit crimes. Party unity matters. Truth and integrity don’t matter.

Result? The leftists controlling the Democratic Party now see no need to be truthful or lawful.

With Benghazi, the Obama Administration lied, and Hillary Clinton asked, “What difference” does truth make?

With Obamacare, President Obama promised, knowing it was untrue, that costs would go down and we could keep doctors and health plans we liked. “Period.”

While attacking Republicans wanting to change Obamacare legally with legislation, President Obama defies our Constitution by illegally changing Obamacare himself, and making and unmaking other laws, too.

The Constitution has Congress make and change laws. It has presidents carry out those laws.

Unlike Nixon, but in “the Chicago way,” the Obama administration happily actually uses government power against opponents.

We Americans deserve leaders who don’t lie to protect their sorry rear ends, as Nixon and Clinton did. More importantly, we deserve leaders who serve us by preserving our freedom, not leaders using underhanded means, legal and illegal, to serve leftist policies robbing Americans of freedom.

Truth matters. Integrity matters. Rule of law matters. Freedom matters.

Lee Nahrgang,