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Letters to the editor, January 31

Unwavering principles

Bill Reed [DRC, Dec. 24] illogically attempts to defend the indefensible with his continued allegation that Congressman Burgess’ vote to defund Obamacare supposedly supported profits for the insurance industry.

Big Insurance scrambled to get a seat at the Obamacare table, envisioning a captive market that required people to buy their product. They sacrificed the opportunity for meaningful, substantive leadership because their support fostered the impression of Obamacare’s unstoppable momentum.

Confused and facing potential financial losses with Obamacare now in free fall, they are now Obama’s future roadkill on his superhighway to single-payer health care.

Congressman Burgess’ unwavering principles promote common-sense solutions that can lead us out of this quagmire. These include insurance reforms that eliminate the bias against patients with pre-existing conditions, tighten the conditions by which insurance policies can be rescinded and extend the benefits of the group health market to the individual purchaser.

Tax fairness promoting refundable tax credits, expanding access to health insurance by allowing groups such as churches to offer coverage, and giving individuals the same tax benefits as corporations, promote parity in the marketplace.

Health savings accounts, medical liability reform, insurance portability, price transparency and wellness programs are all components that will give providers the ability to create products people want.

Sixty to 85 percent of initial Obamacare enrollees are replacing Obama-mandated lost policies. With 14 million people (4.7 million policies) losing insurance, skyrocketing rates because of Obamacare mandates and increasing punitive deductibles, Congressman Burgess’ vote attempts to protect the valued doctor-patient relationship that Obama wishes to usurp.

Bill Lawson,