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Letters to the editor, February 8

Spring popularity contests

Spring elections are coming soon. This message goes to anyone who plans to submit a letter supporting your BFF or personal chummy for school board or city council.

Rule No. 1: Don’t waste my time telling me how long you’ve known so-and-so. It’s irrelevant.

Rule No. 2: Don’t bother listing all the committees they serve on or clubs they’ve joined. Some folks are chronic joiners and accomplish little or nothing.

Rule No. 3: Please refrain from telling me how much so-and-so “loves __ (fill in the blank).” We all love Denton, children and warm puppies.

Rule No. 4: Tell me how your candidate will make a difference. Tell me when the person had the courage to say no to a crazy idea. Tell me about the time the candidate studied an issue deeper than what he or she was being spoon fed by staff and reached another conclusion or saved a dollar for taxpayers.

Tell me about the time the candidate took an unpopular position and chose to do what was right instead.

Denton has paid a heavy price over the years for its sophomoric spring popularity contests.

Holding public office should be about leadership and courage. Nothing else.

David Zoltner, Denton