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Letters to the editor, February 9

Whistling in the wind

After having a lengthy conversation with one of the 51 members of the bond committee (2014 bond committee, city of Denton), I have come to the conclusion that the committee is a fraud and nothing more than people getting their name in the public arena and a rubber stamp for city staff.

According to my source, city staff members have come up with hundreds of millions of dollars in projects and have selected the ones that they want to see move forward and look to the bond committee to approve their choices without any input from residents.

Needless to say, my source has said I should not waste my time and effort to make or suggest anything because it would have zero chance of going anywhere unless it was in line with staff-recommended choices. A quote from my source says that you need to understand “that city staff runs the city of Denton” and I believe that this person is in the know.

It would appear that anyone voicing opinions on public projects is whistling in the wind.

Bob Ragborg,